Mom, you take care of me every day,
no matter what happens to me, you are always there for me.
You make me happy when I see you.
You are like a mother and a father to me.
When I cry, you wipe my tears away.
When my heart breaks, you fix it.
You are Mother Nature.

People are not the same outside.
Some are cruel, some are kind,
but you never know until you find out what’s wrong with them.
People may gossip about you, but I say,
don’t let them control you.
You have to stand up for yourself and show them who you are,
and show them that you are not the same as them.
You are unique, you are the best of the best
and show them that you are not afraid of them.
You are not shy.
Starting from today, I want you,
all the girls and the girls of tomorrow
to know who you are and what you are here for.
Not to bully or kill but to believe in yourself
and to motivate yourself and not wait for someone else to motivate you.
No!! That’s not right,
when will you do things for yourself?
I say start right now.