Lacking money or resources does not mean you are less of a person
It is something most human beings go through on a daily basis
Being poor does not indicate that it will be that way forever
Things will change for the better
When it is time for change, change will avail itself
But you have to put in some work wholeheartedly
To maintain its necessities
Swimming in money does not mean you own the world
It does not mean people should worship the ground you walk on
It means you are highly favoured and should be thankful, always
Money does not make wrongs to be right
The world would be a better place
if everybody knows and respects the value of money
Giving is the most important part of life
Donating to those in need is being considerate
We need more people like that, selfless
The more you give, the more your blessings pile after the other
Poor or wealthy it doesn’t matter
At the end of the day we are all human