The chosen nation, the nation with the greatest flag,
Embracing all the different races, cultures and religions
God bless South Africa,
Hosi katekisa Afrika, Mudzimu fhatutshedza Afrika,
For we are torn apart and lost the greatest gene, the DNA of “UBUNTU”
We’ve missed the mark of our heritage,
The mark that was set for us to be one,
To be knitted in one mother’s womb,
But the blood of hate just keeps pouring, dividing us in different tribes

What could go wrong?

Why do we have to feel inferior?
Because I’m a Christian and not a Buddhist or even a ZCC member?
Is it because of the upcoming artificial intelligence?
I realise we were meant to “Go ye therefore and make disciples”
So says the Bible,
But How?
Because we lack this blood of love,
The blood that must stop discriminating the Xitsonga’s, Tshivenda’s, Tswana’s, Sotho’s
Because we are ONE
And therefore recognise the injustices of our past

We may be divided,
But let’s not forget where we come from
Let’s break the division ‘cause it’s hurting
But be the cells with building blocks of life and be ONE