Mirror show me
I know you’ll never lie
Oh look what I have turned out to be
All I wanted was to be free
Yet I drifted away from destiny
I lost my focus and ended up losing myself
I am the talk of the community
I have even lost my dignity
I care less about what they say about me
But am scared of who I have turned out to be
It wasn’t my intention
But I had no one to protect me
This can’t be true
Mirror please show me

I don’t want this, believe me
I was protecting myself from this insanity
I didn’t know I was my own worst enemy
But I know there is still hope for me
Even though people no longer trust me
When I appear they begin to laugh at me
But one day they will need me
Goodbye to ugly me
I’m taking a step towards a better me
It’s not too late for me