You can’t man up! So you beat me up
You know it’s bad, right!
You know I will only lay on my bed
And listen to the birds that tweet as I breakdown at your beatings.

I pleaded for you to STOP!

But you wouldn’t until I was bleeding
I guess it must have pleased you
I guess your ignorance turned me mute
So tomorrow when you’re sober
I’ll suffer from the hangover bruise(s).

Don’t get it twisted, I don’t fear you!
I only think people see it as a shame.

I don’t need their sympathy or your apology
I just need to collect myself bit-by-bit
And gather the strength of a beast before I give up.

All I need is a bat to crush your head
Only then will my voice be heard
Only then will your amusement come to an end
Only then will I rectify your wrongs
Only then will justice be served!
But I bet you see none of my plans
For they are banked, blocked and packaged
Within the passages of my brains
For that reason I can endure being brutally abused
By a worthless man

Until then ill avoid your fierce fist
That fills me with void and your vulgar words that beep like an alarm clock
Now I know violence tastes like vinegar, although it’s bitter
Only I can make my future better and brighter (for myself and my offspring)
Only then will I enjoy the beat on the radio
Only then will I witness seasons change again
Only then will we have a peaceful feast.