They paint us all with the same brush,
They call us trash but some of us are not
It is hard to admit but some of us die for the sins we didn’t commit
Men are trash but trash can be recycled

If I can motivate other men to change, you can as well
Don’t throw your hope in the well, very soon it shall be well
One step at a time there is no need to rush
Let us spread the news like a cureless rash
It is time to ring the bell

They say charity begins at home, as well as the abuse
Young boys see these things at home and if they see they do too
If it is what I think it is, you have to change
Protecting the women or defending the so called “booze”

It is time we made a change
Men are trash but trash can be recycled
It cannot be done when you don’t try it
It is amazing how you think you are fit
After slapping her on the cheeks

Women are meant to smell like heathers
Not bruised like they have been bitten by beavers
These people are divas, they are blessings to us
Let your anger vapour like gas
And throw your ego in front of a speeding bus
And only you can make the world a better place for women
Men are trash but trash can be recycled