You come uninvited,
unexpectedly creeping into my life,
with unmistakable intentions
to kill and conquer me.
No mortal can stop you.

You’re longing to get hold of me
Yearning to grab me with
your old and bold hands
and squeeze the life out of me.

The jaws of death are upon me,
with paws that have
sharp claws.
Having no laws nor flaws,
no mortal can stop them.

The heavens are on my side.
He who resides in me,
will not leave my side.
At the sight of you,
He will obliterate you,

leaving no trace of you.

You once encountered the One I trust.
You thought you defeated him,
but he feasted upon you,
He overcame and overpowered you.

He was no mortal.
Yes, he came in a form
Of a man but he was
no ordinary human.

Let me jog your memory,
He is Christ Jesus!
The Lord of Heaven and Earth,
the firstborn amongst the dead.

And he can’t wait for another round,
through me!