No more poems
No more cries
This is a new day
But… How can I explain it all without ink and paper?
How can I explain myself without writing it all down?
Who is willing to listen to my pain?
Why not let everyone read and imagine my silent cries
How can I express without a pen in my hand and a tear on my cheek?
How can I go through it all?
How can I express the glow of a new day?
I stand before the blue lines
And express my suffocation in thin lines
There was once thick blood like red wine in childhood
Blood flood through the power of Love
Gentleman spill blood for their woman’s safety
Until gentlemen became greedy men through the power of Love

What a sacrifice we’ve made for a good thing
Dirty secret for something so beautiful
Men betrayed the world for the sake of their woman’s trust and honesty
There’s too much blood behind the throne of good kings
The most of evil in one man’s blood uplifted romance
Anger and jealousy symbolised true attraction
Suspicion of great connection is through erection
Sexual intercourse is an expression

If, however, I still lust
There will always be a new day
A new way
Love me
For that I say amen
A great hope
Faith to lightness
Lend me your heart and soul
Rely on me
Hand me your dreams and goals
I am a man
A poetical man
Burn the first line of this poem
There will always be a poem
Every little to huge thing next to me is poetry
Dead or alive
Scientifically, technologically or even supernaturally!
I wonder when I will forget you
What have I done to myself?
Falling in love with you changed my entire life
Love is blind
I now believe in those words
You lied
You cheated
You behaved so badly
You were a good actor
Played the character of a loyal woman
Not even a sign of pretending
She never failed anything
Faked good emotions

I fell for everything
I trusted her with everything
I invested emotions
Please let me speak or even cry
Just do not blame me for failing to forget her
Please do not blame me for getting back to her
Do not blame me for hurting myself, over and over again
Please do not blame me for torturing myself so badly

I love you
It is hard for me to forget you
Your love is the most gorgeous lie I ever experienced
You telling me that you love me with all your heart
While crossing fingers behind your back
And another guy holding a bigger piece of your heart behind my back
You have to blow me a kiss so that I can sleep at night
By that I mean I love you to death
I swear my eyes could bleed and become soulless if you say ‘Goodbye’ for the last time…
Carry on, cheat
Lie to me
Be unfaithful
Let me down
Be at your worst best level
Hurt me like you’re the devil
Do all the wrong things that you desire
But please love me like diamonds and gold when you get time.

I know you don’t find me interesting as such,
I know you know my childhood,
my family background.