By a touch of her hands on my face
A feeling a young boy at my stage I couldn’t
Embrace, a thought years I realize it was enough
A man it took me to understand it was love
Just a thought taken of imposing
A chapter I remember in my life closing
Day break I heard voices coming from next door
As my neighbour got awake

A look at my shadow wondering what its
Purpose is to be, a boy on my own with two
Images of me, it wasn’t exposed but I became educated
A look at the corners and count those who never made it
Experience in my time I remember it was shared
Those who spoke it acted as if they really cared

A sentence from a grown up we ignored to take
Individually I couldn’t differentiate from becoming a failure
And making a mistake

My entrance became big but as my thought it started small
A boy who only had a dream but today he has it all
Never in my past I did wish to fall but
My knowledge I got from crawling in life after all.