When I first met you,
I never thought I could even stand a second without you.
I still remember the day I asked God for a friend,
he gave me you: and I asked why you?
He said you are perfectly made for me.
Today I still thank him for you.
You have perfect timing as you came into my life
When everything was meaningless and you changed everything to be valuable.

You took my heart and put back every piece and made it one,
I can’t even say about the waterfall on my face that was part
of me but you managed to replace it with a smile
I mean you brought joy in my life.
When I think of you my heart stops beating a bit
and just to hear your voice it brightens up my day.

You are my blessing in human form.
Your voice takes my breath away,
your smile makes me happy,
I can’t even say about your kiss it takes me to the dream land.
You still make me blush like you’re still trying your luck.
You changed my thoughts about love. Love is a beautiful thing