Sometimes love is like a water with many different tastes; sometimes it is bitter,
but sometimes it is sweeter and no matter how many times you try to drink it,
you just can’t, no matter how thirsty you are.

Sometimes I try to ask myself who love’s really meant for?
Is it for the one who really deserves it,
or for the one who wastes it when they get it!

Love is complicated as no matter how many times you try to stand up; it just pushes you down.
I wonder if real love is out there or if it’s just fake love that is out there.

A person can come into your life and promise you the world,
but do they promise you how long they plan to stay in your life?

Love complications caused by those we thought really loved us,
break our hearts and make us feel foolish.

I think that we just need to wait and see wait and see…
When we least expect it, true love will find us.

Perhaps true love is fine like fine wine, needing us to wait for the right time before true love emerges.