There is no feeling warm enough compared to it.
The warmth that keeps me safe,
The warmth that has extended my destination every time.

Love. The feeling I dearly crave and enjoy,
It makes me feel like a street dog, eating the scraps
On the side of the road of my creation.
I crave what I can not have, I crave what I do not deserve.

I may crave it every second of the day.
But I fear it more than I have taken my breath.
It is the reason for my journey, I would hate to see it end.
I possess all the capabilities to be loved, but
I am tossed aside like the wrapping of a candy bar.

I have no desire to love nor to be loved.
I missed my heart as I feel the emptiness of this shell.
Through the wishing well I daily drop coins,
To feel how deep my chest has become.

Love has blinded me, in so many ways
That I have forgotten myself.
Love has taught me so many lessons
That my head has no space left to store anything useful.
Life has been a blessing with a curse attached to it called love.

It is desired for its warmth, forgetting its cold edges.
It is a two-sided coin that is only desired when it’s placed down flat.
I am still young, compared to the earth.


I must first learn to love, to know the feeling.
I must first love myself, to know what I deserve.
And I must learn the two sides of the coin to understand the curse.