Waiting for my turn
Dreaming of a better life
Waiting for my time
When my life has begun

Dreaming in the dark
Of a shiny brighter day
Admitting I have grown
But not worn out

I opened my eyes
In the night sky
I saw a falling star
And said “it’s my time”

I felt the scars of my heart
In the silence of the night
And said I have to be patient
Every darkness goes

I have done everything
Trying to find the truth in life
And opened my heart for love
Is this the secret of a hopeful life

Imagination helped me believe
In the darkest cloud
That reminded me of the dreams
That set me free

When I stepped across the line
And made a sacrifice
I took a risk
I did something most don’t

It was these hard times
That revealed my courage
And realized that loving back is
The weapon of life

Why ordinary people become heroes
Through selfless actions
What if I nurture my mind
With great thoughts

Will I give up
Like burned trees cut for forest health
Like soldiers that didn’t come back
I am hopeful to give for love