In the cold streets I penetrate,
Like a polar bear in Atlanta,
Looking for a place to relieve myself and be at ease,
My feet tap at a faster rhythm,
Like drums they start making a tragic sound.

My heart quenches as I see a broad image,
From a distance and a voice roars
I’m drawn so close that I could now see my dad
Oh dear dad, I’m glad that heaven brought you back
I’ve missed you and mom will be happy to see you

He just starts walking without uttering a word
He moves faster and disappears in the mist,
Until I can no longer see him I drop down to cry,
My tears are failing me, my voice does not correspond.

Hallucinations are buried in me,
They’ve taken over my mind, body and eyes,
And tonight I know roses are red violets are blue and,
My heart is left with but a bruise.

The stars were there, the moon was there,
They saw everything and heard every cry,
But still, the clouds kept moving,
I cried for help instead,
The sea kept roaring,
The wind slightly shifted the trees, grass, and leaves.

The soil was damp and I was lost in tragedy,
But still noticed how creative God can be,
I moved slightly and for a moment,
The jackal howled no more,
The foul was seen but never felt

Even now stars scare me,
The moon repulses me,
The jackals disgust me,
Tonight I’m lying under my bed,
For I don’t want to be seen at night,

Something roars alongside the ocean
This very moment I know, it’s searching for me
The moon is full and in its beauty I confide,
Since then the jackals never howled again.