Because it’s noon doesn’t mean it won’t be dawn
Because it’s raining doesn’t mean there won’t be sun
Diamonds were formed under pressure
Life was given through pain
The journey of greatness will never be easy
Everyone is at their pace at their time
Rejection doesn’t mean that it’s over
Failing doesn’t mean the end
We learn through mistakes
That are reflected by the mirror of our soul.
Stop, and look forward.
Aim for that whaling light because it’s near you
Go where the star shines brighter
Because you are prepared for the greatness
Smile, and wear your scar with pride
Procrastinating builds courage
And sharpens one vision and dream
Look at the trees, who lose their leaves but still blossom
You are an overcomer of all your problems
You are not early you are not late
It’s your race run it fluently
It’s your moment of weakness cherish it with positivity
Pain is not forever
Guilt doesn’t last
But your life is eternal and precious
Rise, go on make yourself proud!!!