Let us walk a little mile.
You, and I, alone.
And see all the spheres of world,
Side by side.

Let us climb the highest mountain together.
You, and I, alone.
As we empty the burden from our hearts,
Bit by bit.

Let us soar as high
Alone, you and I.
As we look down on our own shadows,
Praising, our own braveness.

Let us, hang tight.
You, and I, alone.
As our lips and wings hold each other,
Slowly, dropping by.

Let us rise above all again.
You, and I, alone.
As our wings flapping, our lips still sticking together.
Gaining height, by and by.

Let our love remain adorable.
You, and I, alone in our world.
As numerous years pass by,
Day by day, still in love until our death.