Like a hawk
I want to fly higher
Higher than any bird could ever fly
I want my own space in the sky
I want to reach for the clouds
Reach cloud nine with no hesitation
For I can prey on food from up there
My feet only touch Earth when my tummy alerts

Birds of the same feathers fly together
But I want to be rare,
I want to be real and alone
I need no bird with the same feathers as mine to fly with
For I came here alone
For survival I had to do it alone
In my own space filled with breeze to cool my temper
Temper which was increasing for the room was chaotic
Chaotic for they all shared their knowledge
As they had the same feathers in one room

I need peace to lead me home
Home which is the sky
Sky which is the limit
To limit me from death
My lungs were not meant to go over the blue home
Although I know that I’m gonna reach space
I’m gonna touch those stars
For those stars are glittering in my eyes
For I am those stars
I’m hardly seen with naked eyes
Hard to touch
Rare to find like them
Till I reach my prey
I’m gonna keep on flying high with my wings wide open
Until I capture what’s mine on Earth
I’ll forever fly high alone
For in flesh I resemble the hawk