She was down the drain
The drain has blocked-up
The bad smell coming from
the drain was the innocent child
Oh the innocent soul is down the drain
She was innocent but yet she died brutally
Where does the mother get the guts
to throw the child in a drain?

She must have cried helplessly with no one to rescue her
The sound of a crying baby will haunt you,
I can assure that you’ve been caring her
for nine months and yet you throw her down the drain
An offspring is a gift from the creator
You went against the commandment of the above

He screamed “Do not kill”
There were reasons and a purpose for her to be in this world
And yet you threw her down the drain just like that
What if she was going to be a resolution to your problems?
What if she was going to be a solution to the world?
Ooh the innocent child down the drain