A couple can only really appreciate
Each other’s worth,
When they share life’s craziest moments
Because it takes patience’s

And tolerance to help the other
It may be hard to say that you understand,
When you can only imagine the pain
That they’re facing or dealing with

Sometimes you just cannot leave them
You have to comfort them,
You have to listen to their screams, tears and hearts beating
You have to be their support

You find that you can’t always lie
And tell them that everything is okay,
When it’s not
You have to tell them that with time comes everything
Be patient and allow them space,
Every now and then
Make sure that alright they’re alright
And reassure them that you care

Once you’ve been in an unpleasant situation,
You start living life to the fullest and with purpose
You start acknowledging your ignorance and start to learn
They are bad and painful, but we all learn from them