As the taxi’s speed slows down,
before driving over these speed bumps
I am reminded of my life’s journey.
These bumps in my road,
Are they there to torture me?
Or are they there to prepare me
for something my mind cannot yet fathom?

While the crowded space in the taxi
is a symbol of how we sometimes feel,
that we are invisible and get lost
amongst the different crowds
we find ourselves in.
Where everyone is occupied
by their own voices in their head.

These shortcuts that the taxi driver attempts to take
reminds me of us in life.
We want to skip those hurtful bumps in life
by taking shortcuts,
but they are not really shortcuts,
since we end up further away
from our true destination.

Then we start to interrogate God
and put Him on trial.
However, near the end of the trial
I find myself defending Him
because I’m repeatedly reminded
during my journey of His promise:
He will never leave me
nor forsake me.