Life is such a miserable game
Life leaves questions
Waiting for answers so unanswered
That it might make a person to resort to suicide

Life makes helped people feel left unhelped
So ideas unheld
Online dating, onsite plating,
Chrome plating, foam laying,
Guy’s paying… Life’s miserable
for boys

Many levels, too many to count
So confusing to make a person kill themselves
Life is a miserable game
My clan, your clan…
Ancestors left footsteps too many to count
But you keep on playing this
Dangerous yet miserable game

Life has chewed me up and spit me out and…
And now all I can do is sit and
Reminisce about the time when I
Could just have only one
Girlfriend but now society’s f*cked
I have girlfriends, too many to count
Babies cry, nappies dry
Waiting to be let loose

Now I’m loose
A Loose Cannon
Life is a miserable game
Skin worn out
Soul’s tired, running away
Through these holes
In my broken body
Life’s results
Now… Well now I advise youngsters
To take my advice
To take note that life is… A b*tch

Life is an unpredictable factor
Unexplainable by physicists
Unexplored by archaeologists.
Life is a game… A dangerous one
Even when life gave me a hiding…
But my girl sat with me through the rough times
And that’s her…
Her my significant other
And her significance inspired me
To do more