I feel empty, shattered and desolate.
I know I should not be feeling so,
But is this what life has become?
Treading on thin ice,
Or is it walking on the edge of a cliff?
So empty but yet so young.
Gloom is what I see ahead of me,
Yet a little bubbly inside.
A desert is better, little life
But still something finds solitude in it.

Am I that lost or is it the bareness of my soul?
I search yet I cannot find.
The tears stream down my cheeks, I cannot stop them.
Is this right or this is what I should feel?
Am I like a prisoner in solitary, an empty space, a punishment?
I ponder if I will ever feel happy
Or is this what I am doomed to be?

It feels like autumn,
Every colour drained from the earth or is it spring I wonder?
Why would I be condemned to such misery?
I feel empty, alone and I still ask why?
Gazing over the horizon, I see life passing by.
Every breath is a struggle, I pray for the moment to pass.
Am I right to feel this way that you have passed on mother?
Every day is a pain, I wish you were here.