Life is a challenge,
face it, fight it
and overcome it with great courage.

Life is a mountain,
climb it, no matter how hard it is.
With perseverance you can do it,
step by step, slowly you can reach its top.

Life is a weather condition,
it changes over time
like the seasons of the year.
It gives joy today,
tomorrow it gives lamentation,
the following day it gives hope and inspiration

Life is a race.
Run it, be wise, whatever it takes.
A person has to be disciplined in order to run it.
Give your body and mind exercise it needs,
if there is no sweating, there will be no winning.

Life is a commitment,
be passionate to meet it.
It demands great accountability,
be responsible for all your deeds.
Be aware that you will reap what you sow,
with your behaviour you are depositing
what you’re going to withdraw one day.
The reward is waiting for you.

Life is journey.
Travel it.
Be passionate to walk at your pace.
Do not try to be somebody else than yourself.
Be real, be yourself.
If you have a snail’s pace accept it.
Do not try to imitate and fake
to be a frog leaping at a fast pace.

Life is an opportunity.
Grasp it with both hands,
For it’s not just a chance, but great opportunity.
Humble yourself.
Pride can lead your life into destruction.
Respect other people,
as you would like to be respected.
Do not look down upon other people,
because you will need them
to be ladders for your success.

Life is a gift from God,
it is precious.
Watch over it, take care of it,
it is worth more than fine gold and silver.
Life without God is incomplete.
Jesus says, “I am the life, those who believe in me
receive abundant and eternal life”.