Life is a book
See yourself as an author
To write a new chapter
Of your life everyday
Though life can be short like a poem
Focus on this day on making a difference
And be the best that you can become
Your limits are all within yourself

Life is the toughest
Test to accomplish
Every choice you make today
Create a puzzle of your life
Your efforts may seem vain
But he who sees in secret
Removes all obstacles
For you to walk smoothly to your destination
Sometimes what planned may not work out
But do not fear, destroy fear with courage
And do your plans differently
If they collapse, try again and again
What often refused surprisingly
Becomes the best
Never give up
There is always a way, find it

Let brains, bones, blood
Tears, sweat, nerves
And every part of the body
Lead the way of success
Do not expect to see change
While you do not make one
Great things come to those
Who hustle while others wait
Success is earned by struggles

It does not matter what you think
Actions speak louder
What you do is what becomes
What becomes, is what determines your future
Doing nothing is a risk
Do not wish, work it
You can accomplish anything
Only when you put your
Mind, heart and soul to it

Success is not about money
It is about having the vision of an eagle
And the heart of lion
To strike like crocodile
And live like a sheep

Today may be bad
Tomorrow better
And day after tomorrow will be best
Work like you do not need the money
Love like you have never been hurt
Be happy like you have never been sad
And live like there is no death

The past cannot be changed
Yesterday is gone forever
Today will never come again
Tomorrow only comes once
Use your time wisely
For good outcomes
But you can waste your time if you like
It is your choice, your life