It’s amazing this feeling I have
Inside each time I glaze upon your
People think I’m crazy when I think of you, cause I smile knowing you are mine.
If one can see angels, I think I’m blessed for I see you constantly.
Baby call me crazy, call me insane but when I’m not with you, my heart feels this empty pain, you complete me beyond what words can be used to describe this feeling…
My love grows strong for you as the hands of time passes by…
Your smile is like something one can’t find the words to say yet feel my heart as it beats on like a nervous but excited child.
Your touch is more gentle then a feather brushing against my cheek, many will say I’m weak cause they can’t see the love we share its at its peak.
Never knew loving you so much would hurt when I’m not with you, you love me like no other my heart baby belongs to you eternally.