Dumb-mouthed – I am to express my sincere gratitude to you,
My library.
You are a parent that every child desires to have
In South Africa.
You have disciplined, shaped and sharpened me.
Like an Indian goddess, a mother with eight arms,
You empower the youth with knowledge and skills.
You rescue our country
From illiteracy and high unemployment.

Oh! What more can I ask for?
With you I’m never empty…
You feed me intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and morally.
Like a hen that lays golden eggs…

You have changed a lot of people from being underachievers
To top achievers,
from students to professionals…

It’s all in your hands.
This day belongs to you.
You are more than just a resource.
You are a fountain of knowledge to us,
The youth of South Africa.
We thank you, parent.