Let me sleep in peace
With me sleeping I then leave you in peace
With all that is happening around me
Wake me when it’s all over

Let me sleep in peace
But you can wake me up when the war is over
When the Jews finally hold hands with Palestinians
The American Government starts solving problems of the Americans
And stop trying to control the whole world
Wake me up when China has stopped mass producing imitations of every brand
While putting their citizens through slavery
When African countries in conflict with “rebels” find logic behind the wars,
Stop the killings and lead the people

Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here?
Or has South Africa stopped trying to be USA to the rest of the African countries?
Then leave me alone
Let me sleep in peace
And wake me when people get into government positions
To improve the state of living of the people
Other than to feed their own pockets

Put that blanket on my feet
In case I get cold in the middle of the night
I don’t want to wake up until public clinics are not hell on earth
SAPS doesn’t investigate crimes but rather prevent them from happening
Switch off the lights, close the door behind you
I don’t want anyone to distract me
Only when the crime victims are given as much detailed attention
As the one given to the perpetrators
When the war against piracy has favoured the artists
When everyone is equal before the law then you can wake me up

Wake me up when school children are being taught humanity
Basic ethics, principles and values, morals and honesty
When history teachers tell kids about Onkgopotse Tiro, Tsietsi Mashinini
Robert Sobukwe, Es’kia Mphahlele, Steve Biko and Black Consciousness Movement

Let me sleep in peace
Unless irresponsible fathers take care and show love to their kids
Until loveless people stop making babies then abandon them
Until we have overcome the war on drugs and gangsterism
Unless the Government now caters for the youth
To a point where the youth caters for the younger generation

Until people find and grow love from within and share it
Until people become faithful and fearless
Until the war is over
You will let me sleep in peace