Dedicated to my brother Manqoba Mashobane

People are curious about you.
Not knowing that you are also curious about them.
You can add to their lives,
as they add to yours.
Involving their curiosity about you.
Learn to draw them out.

They are always wrong.
Wondering what happened to you.
I worry because I see our differences.
Suffering due to their behaviour.
Insufficient of their appreciation to you.
Learn to draw them out.

They are curious as teenagers.
Restless and dying to know… that can tell.
Waiting for you…us to disclose their curiosity.
Waiting for explanation about your situation.
When I look from their face,
can read very clear that they say it’s a curse.
My brother learns to draw them out.

GOD is revealing His highness and mercy through you.
The holiness of GOD confesses the believer and unbeliever.
Great is HIM through you always guide you.
You are well chosen and anointed by GOD my brother.
Is the reason you are so humble.
Hope their curiosity is answered now.
Learn to draw them out.