All I need is a very tall African mountain.
Where every African people can see me.
Conveying direct my grievances.
I have a good vocal to project myself.
Believing every single words shall reach you.
This is the madness from patriotic people.

We dance various dances just in front of you.
Run different pace to show our concern.
Screaming out complains to awaken you.
Risking ourselves to Exile hoping better world.
Talking strange language, indigenous and civilians.
Languages to express our grievances.

You blow away South African youth choices.
You planted doubts and killed self-esteem with ourselves.
This is not good enforcement but rape to us.
You’re saying it is not your action.
Stop to make us digits we are still human beings.

We want to be valued with high qualities that we deserve.
We are far better than the previous generation.
We are capable to lead a democratic nation.
Give us a platform to show case our ability,
Practice the good characteristics of the democratic leader.

Free us to transform the knowledge of
Democratic leader.
Remember you are the one crushed,
Autocratic, laissez faire, moral, transformational, spiritual and religious leader in the dead years.

Why are you governing alone?
How possible to govern alone in the democratic Nation?
You are doing us wrong.
Give us the power we voted for, we want to lead.