Everything seems stagnant.
Like, we’re talking without walking.
Like people keep talking without really saying anything.

So many labels, they give rise to narrower and shallower beings.
Then we believe we’ll be saved.
That someone’s coming to save us, but everyone who’s coming is already here.

Then I look around me and perceive indifference.
My perception is in its own lane and the impression you give is all too lame.
I want to spread love, give my all and transform lives for the better
But honestly, does it matter?
You all want the same thing.

Believe the same things and look the same way.
You have brains but you don’t think.
You have pens, but they have no ink.
Your boat has sailed but it’ll soon sink, was that a blink?

I’m tired.
Tired of trying to show you the cage because it makes me seem delusional.
I tell the truth and you label it blasphemy.

You say you want a rebel but that’s not true,
rebels are unwanted because they’re challenging and a lot of work.
They make you uncomfortable and piss on the sham of a life you’re living.
They take away your glit and glam.

Then you claim honesty,
but you don’t want the truth,
you want answers that you like.

You want to manipulate my opinion, take a hike.
You want to validate my great,
Feed me with your hate and restrict me from creating.

As of late, you keep tabs on my every word, every move and every fall.
But after all, you’re just their puppet.
Wanting me to celebrate “the little that I have”
When really I have nothing except for my brain and my words.
These words are my worth.

They feed us crumbs and you cheer.
Keep your notes I want change.