Those burdens boarding through an individual journey,
Those strings of love once treasured now unwanted,
Those painful wounds printed on the mental pages
that last to live even in harmony,
They quest like tigers and invert into-our inner intellectual abilities,
I curse those mental and emotional predators
eating on the existence of humanity,
I ground that day when even sanity could be insanity,
for this in me evokes the flames,
And yet through this I did not see the approach of stability,
it strikes with reality.
Yet who is I to justify or rather stated-to clarify, who am I?
Am I the roar of a tiger about to battle?
The howl in the desert on the darkest night
or the ray of sunshine about to lither,
Who am I?
Am I a senseless wind that blows against a deaden wall or over all
Am I simplifying or justifying the reasonable effect or trace in the existence of all humanity?
Who am I?