In the sunny day came the very dark cloud.
The pillar was not taken but stolen, how can
you massacre the young hearts that stand to
gain from the river that overflows of inspiration,
wisdom and righteousness?

I am bitter and I must be bitter because a
library was looted while people looked.
Tried so many times to call on powers
above me. I guess I was not anointed
enough to reach them.

Your smile created warmth in a scared
sheep while your cry dismantled hearts
of beasts. I dare say the pillar was not
taken but stolen. You shouted so loudly
your voice could reach to reprimand the
ill-disciplined cos you vigorously stand for
what’s right. If your soul and heart was
commodity I would buy it with my blood.

The pillar was not taken but stolen.
With you hunger was a foreign language.
At night I could hear you kept tossing and
turning thinking where the bread will
come from not for you but for the young
mind that needed nourishment to reach certain heights.

It’s like you knew a day like this would come.
But why didn’t you warn us? Pillar was not
taken but stolen. It is with you that we knew
life is road full of rocky curves but never
experienced it.

How I wish punishment was transferable.
I could have taken some for you. Watching
you in that agony was the most terrible
experience that even bleach cannot stand to
remove in my mind.

I hope I will one day be able to reach the
powers above me and when I do they will
see the wrong they did for stealing a pillar
of mine. You were great!