Let me tell you a story,
As it hit me, and I felt sorry,
Though it is from the bible
I took to scribble;
For once there would come a day,
So it said along the way.

A day we are all to be one
With all our earthly lives so done.
Me there, you there, all of us there
Prepared nor unprepared, all life there,
Rich nor poor, all in one place,
Showing forth gravity, with a
Judgement to face.

The serpent there, so big, so strange
His angels there, so lined up like a range,
All whorled up by that fire
Through that day we don’t desire.
All thorns this side, all chosen that side.
All to receive what’s worth their pride.

And what hits me; is where would I be
If that day comes like a thief
With my life flowing like a reef.
Oh, where would I be
If the day judgement day shall be.