Volunteers at the Jingqi Village in the Eastern Cape participated in a Book Club Workshop. They each wrote a Bio-Poem as a short writing exercise. (A biography is an account of someone’s life.)

You can try this too! The format for the poem is laid out below. Just add in words that describe the type of person you are to make it into your own bio-poem.

I am (first name only)
(four adjectives that describe you)
Who loves (three people or things)
Who feels (two things)
Who needs (two things)
Who fears (three things)
I am (first name only)
Who would like to see (two things)
I hear (three things)
I see (three things)
I want (three things)
I am (first name only)


I am Justina
Young, beautiful, bold and caring
Who loves God, school and people
Who feels happy
Who needs encouragement and support
Who fears God, falling pregnant and dying of HIV/ AIDS

I am Justina
Who would like to see Jerusalem, my future and an Aeroplane
I hear calling from God, the lament of poverty and the rejoice of heaven
I see people and my destiny
I want success, blessings and a good family

I am Justina
I am Justina Mbucela


I am Lakheni
Beautiful, happy, intelligent and good
Who loves her family, friends and playing netball
Who feels her grandmom and God
Who needs a better education and a happy life
Who fears snakes, dogs and to be embarrassed

I am Lakheni
Who would like to see Khaya Mthethwa and Bonang Mathebe
I hear children, my family and my future calling
I see people, a good life for me and myself owning a business
I want a car, house and a job

I am Lakheni
I am Lakheni Somdaka


I am Hlumela Jessica
Fun, happy, talented and beautiful
Who loves writing, reading and computing
Who feels great and awesome about life
Who needs to achieve in life and attention
Who fears being a victim of challenges, seeing myself give up and poverty

I am Hlumela
Who would like to see herself amongst the stars and changes in her family
I hear my parents, my teachers and someone else’s experiences
I see success, a better future and a better South Africa
I want a good job and a good education

I am Hlumela
I am Hlumela Jessica Mayose


I am Zoliswa
Kind, hardworking, good and beautiful
Who loves her family, children and reading
Who feels good and happy
Who needs a job and a better life
Who fears conflict with her family, corruption and theft

I am Zoliswa
Who would like to see God in heaven and my big house
I hear children making noise
I see myself with money and being successful in my life
I want a good job and a warm home

I am Zoliswa
I am Zoliswa Manxiwa


I am Siphosakhe
Interesting, talented, outspoken and curious
Who loves computing, reading and entertaining people
Who feels awesome about life
Who needs attention and to achieve in life
Who fears God, the impossible and poverty

I am Siphosakhe Gift
Who would like to see big changes in life and success
I hear my teacher, parents and experienced people
I see success, potential and a better South Africa
I want a good education, a good job and a satisfactory life

I am Gift
I am Siphosakhe Gift Philiso


I am Lindiwe
Happy, lonely, responsible and creative
Who loves honest people
Who feels love for her family and friends
Who needs a permanent job and my her house
Who fears not getting a good life and not getting employment

I am Lindiwe Thekwane
Who would like to see her own family and her own car
I hear noise outside, birds and cars
I see trees, building and learners
I want my own children, a simple life and my own house

I am Lindiwe
I am Lindiwe Thekwane


I am Nombulelo
Happy, kind, energetic and honest
Who loves reading, writing and singing
Who feels happy
Who needs a job

I am Nombulelo
Who would like to see her family
I hear voices of people and the sound of birds
I see people around me
I want to have a job and a car

I am Nombulelo
I am Nombulelo Njonga


I am Sinovuyo
Intelligent, respectful, creative and confident
Who loves her family, friends and classmates
Who fells lonely and happy
Who needs family and friends
Who fears her father, mother and God

I am Sinovuyo
Who would like to see my own car and my own house
I hear noisy people, noisy dishes and noisy kids
I see Television, people around me and chairs
I want a job, a car and a house

I am Sinovuyo
I am Sinovuyo Sweetness Vakela


I am Asiphe
Talkative, young, beautiful and short
Who loves school, friends and church
Who feels happy and fun
Who needs advice and encouragement

I am Asiphe
Who would like to see my future and my God
I hear noise from school and music
I see people, my friends and parents
I want success, a job and to be a dancer

I am Asiphe
I am Asiphe Tunzi