I smiled at what seemed to be a beautiful fairy tale
I saw what once was
All the happiness I once shared together with you
All the yesterdays we shared
When it once was ‘US’
Everything was done in the spirit of togetherness
But now I’m left alone, without you
To think that I believed we would be forever bound to each other
I have loved you as you twisted and turned inside of me
When ‘We’ bonded, like mother and child should
Dear child I never wanted or even thought I’d lose you
You were the only one that kept me sane,
Even when everyone judged me for keeping you
For me, having you was the best, I felt alive.
But now you left me all alone
I was your protector
I was your mother
Your friend
Dearly beloved, it saddens me that I never held you in my arm
Never showed you the love you deserved
I hope life is better where you are now,
As I sometimes thought this life would only be too cruel for you
My Angel
I may have lost you, but I still wholeheartedly love you