I made many uncountable mistakes,
took scary actions,
and broke some people’s hearts.
Hated and hurt innocent souls,
wasted my chances of making everything right,
and left the lives of people who needed me most.

I’ve let almost everyone down, including myself.
I’ve let the tears of people who love me most drop.
I lost the opportunities of making them smile again and proud.
I lost the path of going to heaven.
I should have listened when they told me.

You should have seen when they told me the truth.
You should have seen their faces when they cried.
The way they felt sorry for me,
the pain they felt when they found out the truth.

Now it’s about time I rectify my mistakes.
Time to apologize to those I have wronged,
made them cry, disappointed, let their souls down,
and those that I have destroyed.
I am sorry.
Find it in your hearts to forgive me.
It might not be today, but some day.