Wipe those crocodile tears.
We both know you feel no remorse.
Don’t deceive them and tell them you loved me
‘Cause you did not.
Don’t just stand there like you’re mourning.
Start dancing and rejoicing I’m no more.

I’m now a shadow in your room.
The echo keeps playing my voice in your head
Reminding you of those nights
When you used to have your way with me.
Do you remember?
Come on now of course you do.

Remember how it satisfied you
When you saw me lying there in a pool of blood.
When I lost my voice due to screaming
And begging you to stop.
Do you remember how good it felt when
You took that knife and stabbed me over and over again,
Until I could not move any more.

Don’t pretend as if you cared about me.
We both know you did not.
Stop touching my coffin and shouting my name.
You’re disturbing my peace.

I won’t wake up.
I can’t hear you.
I’m no more.

It’s too late to ask for forgiveness now.
I’m gone for good.
I’m only a distant memory now

Ohh my dear it’s too LATE!