It’s absolutely hard. You know… to let
go, & decide to jump into the
uncertainty of the future with

It’s hard when you give them
everything you have ever had to
offer and they become a damn
tornado and destroy everything they
swore they would always treasure.

They slowly but surely poison
everything within you, as their lips
drip with lies as they whisper they
love you.

So you fight every single emotion of
regret & force yourself to remove
the old blind fold you placed upon
your mind & heart to stick around
with a person who is less than a sad
excuse of a lover.

You find within you words that you
thought of late at night but never
dared to say… ” I can’t do this
anymore. Goodbye.”

And although at that very moment you
feel like everything you had
disappeared. You begin to move
on… You begin to heal… You begin
to live again.
& you fight and you fight to remove
that person still hanging onto your
foot like an anchor, waiting to
drown you in your past.
& at the end you realize that they’re
really the ones who got the raw end
of the deal…
You let go of someone who didn’t
even love themselves, while they lost