Dad it’s been long since you left
Why don’t you comeback
I always watch the door
Thinking that I’ll see you appearing
But you don’t appear, why?
I can’t even recognise your voice

Are you really dead?
Because I don’t believe this
All I am left with are your pictures
And the memories we had together
Tears coming out thinking what you were to me

You were a best friend and a father to me
You understood me more than anyone
But you chose to leave me so soon
I remember how I used to tell you
One day you gonna be proud of me

I thought you were gonna see me when I graduated
But you couldn’t even see me at my first day at high school
You left me while I was still young
While I still need your love

I comfort myself with everything happening for a reason
Even if I don’t know the reason for this
But thanks for being the best father to me while it still lasted