Chastised by one
Scorned by some
Chased around the classroom
Yes, you really enjoyed mocking me
Did you think I forgot what you did to me?
Did you think I would ever give you peace?

Look later what happened to you and your family
When one close to you took the life of the other
Because he was one jealous mother f…
He took her life
And then took his own
What a coward he was
Just like you
You silly moron

Your insults and taunts in the classroom
Only made this gay boy stronger by each day
You thought you would break me
But instead your taunts shaped me
I still get taunted
But I shun them away
Because I learnt earlier
That evil people like you exist

I certainly hope never to see you again
As I might just spit in your face
No, I am not angry
It’s just so unfair that you got away with it
Maybe someone in your family will feel the same scorn
Maybe then you will feel how it felt

Wonder what you would think
If any one of your children turned out different
Would you accept them
Or taunt them
Or shun them
You make me sick you know

Scum like you deserve no place on this earth
You belong in a hole
A special hole
Where Hades can continue to burn your soul
Maybe I’ll also meet you there
And this time I won’t hold back I swear

I will have my turn
Coz now I am grown up
I’m not that small child
You tormented and tried to tear apart

You thought you would win
You silly fart
You are nothing but a silly tart
Thinking that you could pop different cherries
You got away with a lot you f…
People like you should be smited to the ground
But you’ll eventually get your day
I haven’t forgotten
I long for the day
When I too can pull that trigger
And rid this earth of you
Be warned
I’m coming for you…