Let me write about the feeling I had ever since I met you.
Let me draw our story that is out of the picture.
Let me tell a dream, I ever had about you.
Let me paint out the picture I had seen out of the sky azure.

My crush for you was a riddle wrapped up in an enigma.
When ever I met a chance to talk to you, I’d be as silent as the grave.
Since from the word go my heart had a stigma.
I could love no longer, instinctively with brave.

It hurt me seeing you around!
When I sees your true blueness from the presence of my mind.
The sense of vision to your kitten eyes,
Led my mind to fell in a conspiracy.
Barely, day-dreams incremented the pain beneath my heart.

Neither did my heart stop to think about you.
Merely, the long and short of my daily thoughts its all about you.
Instantly, I fell for your rabbit’s nose.
Your perfections on my sight, tip the scar beneath my heart.

Rumours from the deep thoughts whispers in my ears
Such that they ameliorate the feeling I had from the first place.
I neither dreamt about a loss of my visions.
Since I met you, I had a conspiracy of silence about my tomorrow.

I loved you, from that strange distance.
The first place my eyes saw you.
Naturedly, I wouldn’t hurt a fly.
So I kept held on my horses till I burst out.

Nevertheless, I met a disappointment.
Gradually, the heart still glows, neither shut.
The streams on my veins still flows, neither wound up.
Yet I still sees a blossoming ‘Petunia’ flower.
For all intents and purposes, it hurt me a lot seeing you around.