Why is it that people think that everything is about you
They seem to forget that you can never buy them love
Can never bring them joy and happiness.
Money will never give you status
But will always expose you.

Money can buy you a house
But not family warmth
Money can buy you a master’s bed
But not sleep
Money can buy you electronics
But not brain
Money can fulfill your wants
But can never fulfill your needs.

Churches have turned into businesses
Healing has turned into fashion
Pastors have turned into celebrities.
All this has happened just because of money.

People who live for money turn to being greedy.
Greed is not a financial issue
But is a heart issue
Money is never enough to people,
We always crave more.
And the more we get,
The more we will want more.

Let me reveal the secret of money to you,
The easier you get money,
The easier it will go.
The more cruelty you do for money,
Always remember that you will suffer the consequences.
It will not be immediately,
But sooner or later,
They will find their way to you.