They can look at me as nothing,
That’s fine by me,
I am still knitting,
Ain’t gonna be crying,

I only dig for success,
I can’t let them swallow me whole,
I am more than their thirst,
Ain’t gonna abdicate hope,
I am the believer,

I can’t let myself down,
In life there’s much to foresee,
I am the core,
I sniff my voyage,
Even if they can curse,
Ain’t their theory,

Heart of mine is my paradise,
Ain’t gonna be their cup of coffee,
If I fall down it’s fine,
That doesn’t mean I ain’t gonna rapture,

I am wearing my culture,
Ain’t afraid of the vulture,
I can’t let my eyes sweat for nothing,
I am the one to heal my wounds,

If I fall,
I will still rain,
There’s always a gain,
I will still try again,

Ain’t willing to fail,
Chapter of mine I should read,
If I fall to my knees,
I am willing to preach,
For though I am a learner,
I will be my cleaner,

Someday I will teach,
Some will reach,
If my tears will fall down,
Eyes of mine remind me to pray.