Opening the Eden Garden,
Before you tie a knot?
Eating the forbidden fruit,
Before you tie a knot?
Saying you love me today,
When you know that tomorrow,
You’ll be busy with me?
Making me a fool?

Beating her up because,
You saw her with him?
Just because you don’t,
Believe in yourself?
How dare you do that?

Sleeping with a broken heart,
Every day and you say, this
Is love? You aren’t serious.

Clenching fists and making,
Her your punching bag, then
You say you love her?
Get out of here you fool.

Breaking up with him,
Just because he aren’t got money?
Is this what you call love?
You’re kidding me fool.

Calling him once a week,
Calling her once a week,
Is this what you call love?
You aren’t serious fool.
No, man! Love is cool, so sweet,
Not sour. It needs no money,
Only a fool can do all that.

It is permanent, it does not change,
By means of changing time, it stays
The same even when we grow old,
Stays the same when we still young.
Money isn’t anything compared to love.
Do not dare fool yourself fool.