When I was a child
Your smile was like
A morning sunrise in
My little world

Your sweet cheeks
Used to speak good
About my health
For I was powerful
Like Samson

Your footsteps could
Not stop shining on
My doorstep for my
House was heaven

Whenever I was alone,
Your house used to be
A paradise of happiness
That I used to swallow
A remedy to kill sadness

Now that my life has been
Swallow by HIV your eyes
See me as a stranger from
Another planet

Now that I have been
Injected with the killer
Disease, your eyes run
Away from my presence

Your soul no longer swims
In my house for it is now
A hell of fire that is spiced
With death

Whatever my mouth speaks,
Your ears block with their
Shield for your mind thinks
It will affect your brain

Had I known that your
Love was fake like a toy,
I could have asked God
To invite me to his house

Your love is now waiting
For the day when I shall
Close my eyes to fly to
Heaven like a bird so as
To face the fate of my