To people with albinism

Sometimes I question the Potter
Why did He make me like this
To look like a capital account in lazy poor eyes
What power do I hold, to reason with the Potter
Woe to you, for you, have put the argument in me

Freedom, you have brought misery upon my soul
In this world full of selfish individuals
My own relatives have found a treasure worthy of me
For you have forgotten to impart to the responsibilities
To draw the boundaries of real freedom

Freedom, I hoped to have you in this need
Where my own blood have raised against me
To make dirty money for the whole of me
Lack of melanin have drawn line between us
As they look at me, they see millions not a relative

Where are you my freedom
I need you in my life
To give me strength and courage
To walk wise and tall in the streets again
Freely, without fears of unknown tragedy.