Knock! Knock! On the surface of your heart
I am still the one that promised you heaven
Willing to fulfil your dreams
I am still the one your heart lingered for

Now I am hopeless, confused
There is someone who has captured you
Now I have become your stalker
People have turned you against me

I’m still the one who gave you butterflies in your stomach
The one who sang you melodies before you slept
Your smile still melts my heart away

I don’t know if it’s amnesia that made you forget me
Did rumours play with your head that you abandoned me
You uttered that I am obsessive towards you

My prize possession
I have given you space, time over and over
When I reach the height of loneliness I just gaze at our photos
Wondering what happened the week that I was away with work
Now I am unable to delete everything that’s yours
‘Cause the feelings and love I have for you won’t let me
I am not trying to be a stalker so let’s just reach out to each other
To find the cause of the problem we are having

I feel like you mugg me off
That you had no choice but to do it
Truly we are both weird and crazy
Is this amnesia or not?