Insanity, mind on matter
Why all these feelings!
Feelings I normally would cherish but in this case must perish.
I begin to question my will.
My ability to withstand the torture.
Mind on matter it’s insanity.
Me seeing you but not willed to touch your skin and sin.
Your scent everywhere, your warmth making my heart skip a beat.
The longing so deep and a yearning so strong to hold you and collide our lips.
Mind on matter it’s insanity.
The thought of your breath on my lips driving me insane, like a chain.
The sound of your voice like a lullaby reloaded.
Your hands filled with magic,
Their touch never rough always gentle and soft.
Mind on matter it’s insanity!
Mind on matter, it’s love.
Mind on matter it’s insanity.
How I’d kill not kill for you.
How immaculate this all is.
Mind on matter it’s official.
Mind on matter I’m insane.
But mind on matter you’re the cause of my insanity.
I’m in love and that’s my mind on the matter!