I would be a fool wen I say I love you
I would be a much bigger one wen I say I need you
The conformity to reality is that though I’m a poet

I absolutely can’t describe my feelings fo you
Convergent thinker I am towards issues of love
Resolutions I bestow to lovers breed everlasting joy between beings
“The love monger” that’s my new identity I have archived
I feel the blood speeding up and down my veins

when I take a glimpse at your sparkly eyes
My skin develops a series of zits with a lot of erected hairs

the moment I touch your smooth hands
I would be a saphead when I say I love you
I would be a bigger one when I say I need you
The actual reality is your breath keeps me going
I suffocate when you’re not around
The words ‘I love you’ are not the full package on how I really feel about you
But I just have say it
“I love you”