Wrapped and cuddled in your soft, gentle arms
A haven that is embedded with peace, gentleness and harmony
There in your arms a part of me is awakened and brought into existence
A part only discovered by chance effect of crossing paths
An insignificant brief confrontation of strangers; strangers that will never cross paths again

A short-lived memory that will never be repeated!
Totally unplanned, totally unexpected!
Your sight in my memory still triggers emotions of confusion in me;
It still sets my heart ablaze with love and affection
It still shakes the peace of my mind like a vibrant earthquake

It gives birth to small gullies overflowing with ardour and passion
The touch of our hands releasing uncontrollable vibrations in my system
Sweaty-shaky hands, unsure of where to hold or grasp
Heavy breathings, young souls scared out of their wits, still struggling to gasp
a breath of the newly found freedom

A freedom i find in your arms,
An independence that send shivers down my spine
Trembling and swept of my feet’s by your enchanting charms
Reeling and quivering, I truly couldn’t believe that you are mine
My queen of Sheba! The apple of my eye!

Your eyes were small, round twinkling marbles
That reflected the truest of beauties!
You were truly a goddess, a princess and and an angel all brought together
to complete and perfect the amazing, beautiful being you were!
I can compare you to no creature that ever graced these lands!
My queen of Sheba! The apple of my eye!